Industry: Beverage

Applicon builds:
For Liquid Beverage plants
     • Bulk bag dispensers for erythritol, sucrose sugar, leaf
     • Metering to mixing (Likwifier or similar mixer)
     • Handling systems for brewing baskets
     • Tilters, rollover, upending for carts, baskets, drums
     • Wet leaf handling & dewatering
     • Flavor and minor ingredient batching systems
     • Powder induction systems
     • DE filter aid batch or continuous metering
     • Hops batching and conveying to brew kettles
For Dry Drink Mix plants
     • Pneumatic conveying of ingredients to blending
     • Sanitary rotary blenders for 500 lb. to 10,000 lb. batches
     • Metered injection of micro powders, liquid flavors, essential oils
     • Anti-segregation hoppers for blended products
     • Mulit-head filling scales for packing bags, bag-in-box, pail, drum