Ribbon & Paddle Mixers

Double Ribbon Blender

Cylindrical body for applications:
    • With all material loaded by conveyor
    • For vacuum loading
    • For vacuum degassing, inert       atmosphere, and drying
    • For containment of volatiles
    • For high speed or high shear blending

U-tub body for applications that require:
    • The most compact blender, for use in a congested plant area
    • Manual loading hatches for minor ingredients
    • Swing up covers for sanitation between dissimilar recipes
    • Lower speed blending to reduce impact and/or frictional heat
    • Single or double inner, and outer, ribbons

Capacities from 30 to 440 cu.ft. working volume

Jacketed body for non-contact heating or cooling:
    • Hot or chilled water
    • Steam to 150 psig
    • Thermal fluids

Construction Features & Options
    • 304 or 316 stainless
    • Sanitary internal finish
    • Abrasion resistant paddles and arms
    • Clad agitator shaft
    • Clad end plates
    • Removable end plate(s)
    • Removable agitator via stub shafts
    • Spray nozzles or header for liquid additions
    • Plug style swing gates to eliminate idle (unmixed) pockets
    • Gas purged seals for abrasion resistance or sanitary applications
    • Single inner & outer ribbon (most common)
    • Double inner and outer ribbons (ribbons at 180°) for fastest blend or least re-segregation
    • Close clearance from ribbons/paddles to body, for thorough cleanout
    • Extra heavy construction for long service life
    • Round or plate style supports for ribbons or paddles, gusseted for strength