Portable Bin Blending

Multi-Axis Bin Blender

Two Multi-axis Portable Bin Blendersimultaneous axes of rotation provide, fast, thorough blending of round or rectangular portable bins, without risk of re-segregation of spherical particles.

  • Position sensing, automatic clamping and multiple safety interlocks eliminate manual functions, providing a safe, swift blending cycle with no operator intervention
  • 37 cf bin shown (20 cf working); larger systems available
  • Simple but extremely robust design handles a rotating mass up to 20,000 lb.
  • All motions are fully supported (no cantilevered members), alleviating the risk of fatigue failure.
  • Extreme duty, forklift portable bin for material up to 280 lb./cf
  • Single Axis Portable Bin Blender

    Single Axis Bin Blender

    The single axis blender is useful for rectangular portable bins. With the rotating frame canted to the rotating axis, the planes of the rectangular bin will cause the product to tumble somewhat in a 2nd axis. While this is much less effective than the Multi-Axis Blender, it is also much less expensive.

    Rectangular Pbins are generally suitable for products up to about 100 lb/cu.ft., and work best when the bin is 50% to 60% filled.