Small Container Filling

Container Filling

Applicon builds systems for weigh filling powders, granules and blends, into bag, box, bucket, tote, tray, octabin, bulk box, or gaylord box. Systems can be manual, or semi-manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, and can include:

• Portable bins or stationary product hoppers
• Screw feeders, twin screw feeders, vibratory or oscillating feeders, or combination auger/vibratory.
• Single or multiple net weigh scale hoppers operating, with blending effected in transit between the scales and the container.
• Multi-ingredient tumble blending immediately above filling.
• Bottom up filling, to either to limit particle segregation or reduce fluffing / fluidization of powders.
• Vertical auger filling, also used for filling from the bottom up, and
• Vibrated filling, to de-aerate or densify in the container. This works best when used with a pre-weighed batch, but can also be done with a gross weigh scale, at a slower rate.
• Digital load cells for very high scale resolution.
• Empty container queuing and conveying.
• Manual or automated liner insertion station
• Filled container de-aerating, lidding, closing, or sealing.
• Filled container handling and accumulation.
• Manual manipulator, automated pick & place, or robotic palletizing.