Low Headroom

Low Headroom
Many production plants have the challenge of limited overhead clearance. Multi-floor buildings, low roof joist clearance, or perhaps just an overhead mezzanine, all can constrain the design of process equipment or systems. Applicon has always worked from the perspective that systems need to be as tall as necessary, yet be as short as practical.

For example, a bulk bag dispenser that places the sack spout at 8 ft. off the floor means that the operator must have a platform, or a portable stair, in order reach the bag to untie and open the sack. Even a system that cuts open the bottom of the bulk sack still needs to provide operator access. A better approach is to keep the bag spout low, and avoid having to climb.

If the operator can untie the spout at 5 ft. off the floor, instead of ascending to 8 ft., it is simpler, and safer. Stairs and platforms add cost, increase the production cycle time, and take up floor space.

Applicon has designed a range of dispensers, unloaders, activators, hoppers, and conveyors to fit into low headroom areas, and to eliminate or reduce the need for the operator to climb.

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Compact Design
Applicon has a designed many process systems to fit into limited floor space and limited headroom. While this design time adds to the expense of the system, sometimes it can avoid the cost of moving existing adjacent equipment.