Oscillating Feeder

Oscillating Feeder/Activator Applicon OF/A is both bin activator and feeder, use to promote flow from hopper or bin, without flooding or flushing, and metering to downstream process. It combines the advantage of a relatively large hopper opening (250, 300, 450, and 600 mm inlet diameters), with a wide pan (150 to 800 mm) and an enclosed body rather than an open, skirted pan. Thus when filling the hopper above, overflow by flushing or flooding are eliminated.

The OF/A is useful for food stuffs because it is simple, sanitary and easily cleaned, and because it is very gentle on the product. The closed pan is especialsly applicable for granular and powdered metals, because it eliminates ricochet particles during filling. Applicon OF/A can dispense very abrasive crushed ceramic or atomized metal products.