Industry: Chemicals / Pigments / Catalysts

Applicon builds:
     • Bag dump stations & big bag dispensers
     • Dumpers, tilters, and inverters for drums, containers, trays
     • Retractable vacuum loader, for loading vessels
     • Eductor system and injection lance to inject powders into vessels
     • Catalysts (inorganic)
     • Ceramic saggar filling & leveling
     • Saggar kiln car loading & unloading
     • Saggar emptying, extracting, and cleaning
     • Lump breaking and feeding, for wet cake or hard, congealed chunks
     • Hard crushing and sieving systems
     • Close capture and dust containment design
     • Pulverizing, micronizing, and classifying without iron contamination
     • Pneumatic conveying systems with easy clean features