Industry: Building Materials

Applicon builds systems for:

Wallboard gypsum and cementboard plants
     • Storing, conveying and feeding starch, boric acid, mica, gypsum, cement, fiber
Joint compound , stucco, plaster production
     • Storing, conveying and feeding calcium carbonate, talc, lime, cement, vermiculite
Tile production
     • Bulk storage silos, extraction & feeding systems
     • Bulk bag dispensing
     • Bag dump stations
     • Batching and blending of body or glaze materials: nepheline syenite, spodumene, aluminas,
       silica & silicates, dolomite, zirc silicate, feldspar, pigments
     • Conveying to wet or dry milling
     • Conveying from spray drying
     • Crushing, pulverize scrap product for recycling
     • Dry micronizing of abrasive materials for ultrafine powders w/o iron contamination
Grouts & Mortar production
     • Mass flow silos for cements and sands
     • Rotary mixer
     • Filling bulk bags
     • Filling and palletizing small bags