Dilute Pneumatic

Dilute Pneumatic Conveying
Dilute conveying, vacuum or pressure, works well for almost any flowable dry bulk material. They are inexpensive, reasonably efficient, and are "path flexible". They don't take up the floor space of a screw conveyor or flex screw. They don't require the straight path of mechanical conveyors, and so can move product easily around process equipment or into production cells or rooms.

Dilute pressure systems are for higher rate and/or longer distance conveying, normally up to several hundred feet, and up to 20 tph.

Vacuum conveying works well for relatively low rates, say from a few pounds per hour up to 10,000 lb/hr, and over relatively short distance. The longer the convey distance, the less energy efficient, and the greater the attrition to fragile products.

Vacuum conveying can also be a very cost effective way of batching multiple ingredients, in a compact space. Movement by vacuum reduces risk when handling combustible material.