Rotary In-Line Mixers

Rotary Tumble MixersRotary Tumble Blender with Bag Dump, Filter Receiver, and Delumper
• Batch Mixers for powder and granules
• Working volumes to 250 cu.ft.

Construction Features & Options
• 304 or 316 stainless, AR steel, AR Clad steel
• Sanitary internal finish
• Sealed inspection hatch
• Spray nozzles or header for liquid additions
• Plug style swing gate for fast discharge
• Extra heavy construction for long service life
• No shaft seals to wear, leak, or contaminate the blend
• Suitable for powdered metals
Blender Cutaway • 100% discharge of each batch
• Lowest power input
• Zero shear of the mixed product
• Horizontal, inline flow allows a big blender    within low headroom