Cone Valve Bin

Plastic Portable BinCone Valve Bin
Applicon cone valve portable bins have an internal cone that serves both as the discharge gate, bin activator and flow controller. The 20" diameter discharge port creates mass flow so there is no change of segregation. These bins will store and extract the most difficult powders, or highly abrasive granules, and eliminate the leaking and jamming commonly experienced with slide gate valves.

Bin Size & Construction
Cone Valve Bins (CVBs) of tough translucent food grade HDPE polymer are available as 53 cu.ft. capacity. Other sizes of HDPE can be made on special order, from 20 to 100 cu.ft (minimum order 40 units). These bins will hold up to 4,000 lb. each, and are stackable.

Cone Valve Bins are available in steel or stainless, from 20 to 100 cu.ft.

All CVBs have strong tube steel (or stainess) frames, to hold up to 4,000 lb. of product each. They are easily and safety stacked by forklift, or they may be fitted with 4-point lift eyes, for crane lifting.

Unloading Stations
Unloading stations are used to open the Cone Valve Bin, without operator intervention. The forklift places the CVB and the Unloader does the rest.

Gravity Discharge Stations are used for bins filled with free flowing products. The station consists of a static guide frame, and pneumatic lifter to open/close the Cone Valve.

Active Discharge & Metering
Active stations are used for: Very difficult powders and flakes, or when the bin might be removed before it is empty, or when a metered discharge is required. The forklift places the bin, but the Discharge Station actuates to raise the Cone Valve, vibrates the Cone Valve (vibration directly into the stored material), and also vibrates the entire bin.

FIBCs empty to large metering bins