Fluid Energy

Abrasives Crushing & Micronizing

AIM-Jet ™ Pulverizer
AIM-Jet ™ fluid bed fluid energy pulverizers are used when impact mills (hammermills, rotor mills) are not suitable due to abrasive wear or when those simply won't grind fine enough. While AIM-Jet mills are energy intensive, the energy cost is substantially offset by the lack of wear. Even in very abrasive applications, there is virtually no wear on the mill.

No replacement parts + No Labor = SAVINGS.

Material Size Classification
AIM-Jet micronizing systems with static classification (gravity or centrifugal) will process glass, zircon, fused alumina, and similar materials to d50 of 15 to 20 microns. Adding a dynamic classifier will produce powders as fine as d50 of 5 microns.

AIM-Jet ™ Effectiveness
The productivity of an AIM-Jet system varies dramatically by the characteristics of the product being milled, by the fineness of the feed stream, and most of all, by the required fineness of the finished product. The fluid bed design can be an effective way to separate and remove contaminants, if those are higher specific gravity and are less friable than the product.

Ceramic, rubber or urethane liners are standard options for mill body and classifier. Dynamic classifiers can also be constructed as fully ceramic, in some cases.