Live Bottom Feeders

Multi Screw Extractor/Feeder
Applicon multi screw bottom, or live screw bottom, is designed to suit the application. This extractor uses multiple augers to provide a live floor under a large hopper or silo, either beneath a truncated chisel hopper or even a straight wall bin.

Applicon MSE/F live bottom can be designed with extreme duty shaftless spirals, or rigid CEMA standard augers, from 6" to 14" diameter, and using up to six parallel augers for bin openings up to 8 ft. wide. The augers may be run at differential speeds to vary the extraction pattern left to right, and flighting may be variable pitch or variable diameter to promote uniform withdrawal front to back. The result is predictable extraction and uniform feed rate of even very non-free flowing materials.

MSE/F extractor may be made for operation under inert gas, and for feeding wet products and containing free liquid. It is tolerant of entrained tramp metal.

Applications include dry and wet fibrous materials, chips and lumps , wet distillers grains and DDGS, shredded waste, belt filter sludge, and press cake.